By continuously declaring a state of emergency in Indiana seven consecutive times, Governor Holcomb has unilaterally been able to:

  1. Shut down all businesses deemed “non-essential.”
  2. Prohibit private and public gatherings.
  3. Define, according to Holcomb, what is and is not “essential travel.”
  4. Mandate that businesses require face coverings be worn by everyone on their premises at all times.
  5. Propose that those caught in public without a face covering could face a Class B misdemeanor which could lead to a jail term of 6 months and a fine of up to $1,000.

Every business is essential to someone, and the health precautions that Hoosiers across our state take should be up to them.

It’s time for Governor Holcomb and the Indiana State Legislature to take action to re-open Indiana and end this perpetual state of emergency.


Let's Re-Open Indiana Now!