It has truly been an honor to serve as an Indiana State Representative for the last 8 years.

Growing up and raising a family in Elkhart County and now living and running a business in Kosciusko County, I deeply appreciate the values that the communities of Congressional District 2 have given us.

Giving back to the community is why I first ran for State Representative.

It’s also why my wife Mary ran for Elkhart County Republican Party Chair, serving as the first woman in that position from 2013 to 2017.

And it’s why we’re running for Congress in Congressional District 2.

I hope I have earned your vote for Congress on August 20!

-Curt Nisly


Curt Nisly for Congress
 (574) 213-3814‬

2178 E 1100 N
Milford, IN 46542


Protecting Life

  • Filed legislation the past six years to give preborn babies equal protection under the law.
  • In 2021, the Governor signed legislation based on Curt’s “Baby River” Amendment to protect prematurely born babies.
  • Sponsored legislation championed by Hoosiers for Life and endorsed by National Action for Life.

Limited Government

  • Filed resolutions to end government overreach during COVID, and worked to have the House vote on limiting the governor’s emergency power.
  • Achieved votes on health freedom, religious freedom, and the right to operate your own business in a state of emergency.

    Lower Taxes

    • One of the first to oppose the gas tax in 2017.
    • Supported efforts to suspend the gas tax in 2022.

    Protecting Gun Rights

    • Played a key role in pushing Constitutional Carry legislation, which finally passed in 2022.
    • Authored the Second Amendment Preservation Act in Indiana.
    • Co-authored a bill to end anti-gun Red Flag legislation (red flag laws can strip constituents of their constitutional right to bear arms, based on an anonymous accusation and without due process of law).
    • Endorsed by and received the .50 Caliber Freedom Award from the National Association of Gun Rights.

    Stopping the Democrats’ Radical Agenda

    • Fighting Biden’s so-called “Build Back Better” plan
    • Stands against Pelosi and “the Squad”
    • Working with liberty-minded Congressmen to protect American values and fix the economy
    • Endorsed by Congressman Thomas Massie

    Fixing Immigration

    • Supports building the Wall
    • Opposes sanctuary cities
    • Will work to help immigrants legally and safely enter our country and achieve the American Dream

    Choose wisely, vote Nisly for Congress on August 20th!