As your representative, it is my duty to ensure that our constitution is protected. In doing so, I refuse to sponsor legislation that would be harmful to those foundations.

Instead, I look for opportunities to protect your tax dollars, support the second amendment, and avoid government overreach.

Recently, I introduced legislation that would legalize Constitutional Carry in the state of Indiana.

This bill sends a clear message to the tyrannical left, who are constantly pushing for more gun control.

It’s time we remind the swamp of Washington D.C. what stands in the way of their efforts to smother our rights: The United States Constitution.

Our 2nd Amendment is a priority, but that isn’t the only right I’ll be defending this session. I also believe strongly in bodily autonomy.

Not only do we need state-level stopgaps in place to defend against vaccine mandates, we also want to make sure those who contract Covid-19 receive adequate medical treatment.

If passed, Indiana House Bill 1372 will allow physicians to create a standing order so that Indiana pharmacists can dispense ivermectin to those with a medical need without requiring a prescription from the customer. It will also protect any medical professional who exercises this right to a standing order while serving their patients.

Ivermectin has been proven to successfully treat COVID-19, and the people who stand in the way of this life-saving treatment should be held accountable.

Speaking of accountability, we need to implement REAL election integrity throughout our state. We cannot stand by and allow our vote to be robbed from us. Turning a blind eye to the changes needed within our election process would be a disservice toward the men and women who have lost their lives to protect that right.

After witnessing severe cracks in the foundation of our elections, I was motivated to introduce an amendment to Indiana House Bill 1116. Under this legislation, Indiana’s paper ballots would have to be printed on security paper and counted by hand after the polls have closed. This proposal also limits the eligibility for mail-in ballots and would speed up the necessary use of paper audit trails for electronic voting machines.

Across the board, accountability should become the rule, not an exception.

When I was elected to office, I took an oath to uphold the Constitution and to protect the people from both foreign and domestic enemies. Unfortunately, we have been witnessing much of the latter threat in recent time.

When are we going to draw that line in the sand and get involved? We can’t just talk about it anymore; we have to DO something!

A donation of $25, $50, or $100 will help me fight to defend these and other pro-liberty bills.

As patriots, it is our duty to protect ourselves, and future generations, from tyrannical rule.

Let’s continue to clean house in Indiana.



Curt Nisly

State Representative

Indiana House District 22



Our freedoms are sacred, and we must always be willing to protect them.

I am ALL IN but cannot do this on my own.

Please join me in the battle today by donating $100, $75 or $50.

Unity and patriotism belong “hand in hand”. One of them cannot sustain itself without the other.

As patriots, we must stand together against the tyranny that so desperately wishes to separate us.