I haven’t mentioned my upcoming election lately because I am knee deep in this year’s legislative session. But I must admit, seeing both the positive and negative consequences of the law unfold before my eyes reminds me once again why I decided to run for office in the first place.

As common-sense policy waned and political narratives gained momentum, I realized the patriots of Indiana were becoming voiceless.

It was all happening at the expense of our freedoms and something had to be done.

I decided that part of the solution was to place my own name on a ballot.

Fast forward 8 years and that passion to defend what is right, along with the rights of my fellow Hoosiers, has not faded. If anything, it has increased!

The 2nd Amendment matters, and that is why I continue to support the passage of Constitutional Carry in our great state.

Life matters and it begins at conception. That is why I have pushed for legislation to abolish abortion, and for the true protection of life.

Lower taxes matter. Small businesses are the backbone of America, yet they have been ignored repeatedly while government overreach grows at their expense.

While the leftist media claims that stances like mine are too bold, I am confident that the majority of my fellow Hoosiers proudly share these beliefs alongside me.

If you are one of them, I ask humbly for your vote.

I also need your help to keep my current campaign strong! The establishment doesn’t take kindly to those of us who are more interested in representing the people than we are in becoming their cocktail buddies.

Please consider chipping-in $25 or more today to defend my seat in the May 3rd primary so that I can continue defending YOU!

Only 61 days remain. Let’s work together to make sure they don’t silence us.


Curt Nisly

State Representative

IN House District 22