Last week, I sounded the alarm letting all of you know that leadership had scheduled a special session for November 29th, in an effort to ram through the Governor’s request for more permanent overreach.

Immediately after refusing to bring forth my resolution calling for an end to the State of Emergency, they showed public support for Governor Holcomb’s agreement to end the State of Emergency IF the legislature agreed to a few changes in the law, including one that will make it easier to vaccinate our 5–11-year-old children.

I began circulating a petition, calling for an end to Indiana’s state of emergency WITHOUT strings attached.

You guys really showed up!! In just a matter of days the response was overwhelming, and the outcome has been even more exciting:


The people of Indiana have made it clear that we are not willing to compromise our freedoms away. This is a major victory for the people, because of the people!

The problem is government loves power. I won’t be surprised if they try to sneak in another session before the end of the year.

We want to make it clear that everyone is watching closely.