Or is it?

Many Americans are concerned that their vote may not count the way that it once did. And it’s all because those who HATE our beloved country are bound and determined to destroy it – even if they have to CHEAT.

But dare I say there has been a silver lining to the chaos in America after our most recent Presidential Election?

Just as we have witnessed after past atrocities, the American Spirit never fails to outshine the darkness. I see patriots across our nation standing together and fighting even harder in the name of honesty and integrity.

Isn’t that what makes America great to begin with? The fact that we never fully succumb to the attacks of the enemy, but instead emerge stronger, with a newfound appreciation for what a great nation our Founding Fathers established so many years ago?

America is a beacon of light to the rest of the world, and we will recover from this chaos because we are a resilient people. We always have been.

Each of us plays an important role in protecting election integrity. Some are volunteering at the polls and others are encouraging fellow citizens to continue voting despite the recent frustrations. Many are working to publicly expose fraud while others are combing their local registrar’s database for discrepancies.

No task is unimportant when the goal is to leave no stone unturned.

I have done my best to undertake several of the above-mentioned tasks and run legislation protecting Election Integrity right here in Indiana.

Mainstream media wants to keep the truth hidden, but we have already begun shining a light into the darkness. Now, we need all hands on deck to finish the fight!

Your contribution of $500 or $250 will help us defend election integrity in Indiana and across America. Even $25 or $50 can make a difference!

As a Constitutional Republic, America sets a beautiful example of fair representation.

Our vote is literally our voice and it must be protected.

Help me defend election integrity in Indiana, and don’t forget to VOTE!

For Liberty,


Curt Nisly

State Representative District 22


The clock is ticking, but we are not backing down from the truth.

Don’t forget to chip-in and defend America’s tried-and-true election process. (click here)

The ‘bad guy’ never wins. Though the cards appear to be stacked against us, our enemy will soon be silenced. After all, we are Americans.