A lot has happened this week regarding Indiana’s State of Emergency.

When the Legislature convened for a one-day session, I used that opportunity to file a resolution calling for an end to the State of Emergency. Though my resolution had the support of several co-authors, the matter was not brought forth to be heard.

Soon after, Governor Holcomb announced he is willing to end the State of Emergency IF the legislature agrees to a few changes in the law, including one that will make it easier to vaccinate our 5–11-year-old children…

I am not afraid to sound the alarm on this political power grab.

While leadership keeps saying they believe we deserve the right to make personal decisions regarding health and safety during Covid19, we see them act in a way that supports continued overreach.

So, what exactly is the Governor asking for?

In a nutshell, he offered to end the state of emergency if we will create laws that mirror a state of emergency, including caveats that make it easier to vaccinate our young children for Covid19 and welcome federal funding along with the strings attached.

Governor Holcomb is offering to trade his temporary holding of power in exchange for permanent government overreach!

This is not reasonable or acceptable. The citizens of Indiana have spoken via the ballot box and, in doing so, elected a Republican supermajority in both the House and Senate.

There should be no need to compromise regarding our freedom.

I am not sure what leadership has up their sleeve, but I plan to shine a light on this so the people of Indiana know what is really going on.

Will you help me sound the alarm by giving $100 today? Even $25 or $50 will promote transparency in government because every dollar donated helps me reach more citizens with the truth!

I have a feeling the establishment is going to try and sweep this under the rug while everyone is busy with the holiday season, but we can’t let that happen.

“Two weeks to flatten the curve”?

We are 623 days and counting.

Enough is enough.


For Liberty,

Curt Nisly

State Representative District 22



Let’s show the Governor his overreach will not be tolerated any longer by Indiana citizens.

The establishment would like to think that the people aren’t watching, but your support lets them know you are engaged and ready to push back.

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