The United States of America is facing an era of uncertainty.

During times like these, we must remember the Constitutional rights that our Founding Fathers instilled into generations before us.

One of the utmost important rights we possess is the right to bear arms. Protecting ourselves, our families and our property is a privilege that we cannot afford to take for granted.

While the Biden Administration seeks to implement stricter gun control throughout the country, I intend to safeguard the Second Amendment for the people of Indiana.

This afternoon, we will be voting on Constitutional Carry legislation in the Indiana House. This has the potential to grant law-abiding citizens their right to carry a handgun without having to first obtain a permit from the state.

I have sponsored and supported Constitutional Carry legislation repeatedly since 2017, and we now have the backing of both the National Association for Gun Rights as well as Hoosier Gun Rights. Despite the pushback I have received from this legislation over the years, I am excited to finally see some of the fruits of our labor prevail. Just last year, we saw Constitutional Carry pass the House. This year, I hope to see the rights and wishes of Indiana citizens honored through favorable vote in both the House and the Senate.

Currently, there are twenty-one states that allow Constitutional Carry, and with hard work, I believe Indiana will be added to that list in 2022!

Will you join me in safeguarding our Second Amendment and your right to self-defense? A monthly donation of $100, $75 or $50 is always appreciated.

In 2022, let’s make sure our voice for freedom is louder than those who wish to disarm us of our liberties.



Curt Nisly

State Representative

IN House District 22



Passing Constitutional Carry in Indiana would secure every person’s right to self-defense.

Together, we can make Indiana a safer state.

As a State Representative, I refuse to comply with unconstitutional and politically divisive mandates from the Left. Tyrannical policies have no place in our state, and the clock is ticking on securing our freedoms.

We cannot allow government overreach to continue chipping away at our Constitutional rights.

Your donation of $250, $100, or 50 will strengthen this fight!