As a computer programmer, I understand the positive impact that technology can have on our lives. Unfortunately, electronic ballot machines have only brought harm to our livelihoods.

Electronic ballots have been proven ineffective in accurately determining the results of an election, and we need to make election integrity a top priority in politics.

This week, the Indiana House chose to block a vote on a proposal for Indiana to switch to paper election ballots. A recent Rasmussen Report survey showed that 56% of Americans believe “cheating likely affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election”.

We aren’t talking about a small handful of people fussing about the election process… We are talking about a country that needs trust restored when it comes to our vote.

Unfortunately, some of our politicians wish to see a different outcome for our country.

After the 2020 elections, we experienced a shockwave of election integrity concerns throughout the country. States began holding election integrity hearings and listening to REAL accounts from people who witnessed fraudulent actions unfold at our polls. We absolutely cannot accept this kind of behavior as the norm.

Under my proposed amendment to House Bill 1116, Indiana’s paper ballots would have to be printed on security paper and counted by hand after the polls shut down. The proposal would limit the eligibility for mail-in ballots and would speed the necessary use of paper audit trails for electronic voting machines.

Members of the House chose to evade accountability rather than safeguarding our elections.

Election integrity should be a priority in 2022 for every member of the Indiana Legislature. Unfortunately, it is being swept under the rug, along with many other issues that don’t align with the narrative of Democrats and RINOs.

The establishment wants to silence me, but with your help I can elevate the TRUTH this legislative session! A donation today of $500, $100 or even $25 can help me work for YOU by securing our elections.

Their narrative intends to chip away at our Constitutional rights, but we cannot allow them to rob us of free and fair elections.

There is a much greater risk involved in our election process when we put our faith in such a vulnerable piece of technology. It is time we bring REAL CHANGE to our elections in not only Indiana, but all across the United States.

The leaders of the free world need to be rightfully elected for the people, by the people. Every elected official should be held accountable until we have regained trust in our elections.




Curt Nisly

State Representative

IN House District 22



I am holding the line, but I need your help!

Will you join me in safeguarding our elections? A donation of $100, $50 or $25 will aid in our battle for election integrity.

Thank you for standing with me on this critical issue.