As vaccine mandates are implemented, people are being forced to choose between medical freedom or their livelihood. That is a choice no one should ever face.

Our schools have been infiltrated with political rhetoric, allowing feelings to replace factual history. This leads to the indoctrination of future generations and cannot be allowed.

Inflation is also a growing problem in America. Recently, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that between August and September of 2021, the average cost of goods and services increased by 5.4%, placing additional pressure on individuals and families.

These are just a few reasons why the message of liberty is becoming amplified so quickly!

Because people like you have joined together to stand firmly against government overreach and defend the values this country was founded on, we are slowly seeing a change in the landscape.

Sincere parents are running for School Board seats, small business owners are seeking local office, and fiscal conservatives are taking back our state Legislatures.

Teamwork in the form of grassroots activism is a clear ticket to victory!

It is important to remember, as we the people demand proper representation, the opposition will do all they can to counter our efforts, and those who support them will quickly whip out their checkbooks in an effort to silence our voices.

But there really is power in numbers! Conservative grassroots fundraising is breaking records across the country as patriots ‘chip in’ to defend freedom collectively.

Under new leadership, Indiana’s state Democratic Party has launched a ‘Small Town Tour” targeting rural Republican areas of the state with their messaging. I believe their efforts are in vain when considering the gross government overreach being championed by Democrats, but it’s important that we do not let them out-organize us.

Will you consider donating $250 or $100 today to keep the message of liberty STRONG in Indiana? Every dollar helps us to regain the media narrative, inform others about their rights, and inspire our neighbors to join the fight!

I look forward to the days ahead because we are watching a movement quickly gain momentum, and it’s finally in our favor.


For Liberty,

Curt Nisly

State Representative, District 22, Indiana



Grassroots, by definition, is “ordinary people who are the main part of an organization.”

So far, one of the things I appreciate the most about my personal experience in politics is having the privilege of standing side by side with fellow patriots (ordinary people) in the fight against tyranny.

The Left and the Establishment have been steering the rudder of this ship for far too long, and the American people have had enough.

Your contribution of $25, $50, or $100 will help us increase grassroots activism AND true conservative representation across the state!

Grassroots activism matters. Thank you for your continued support.