God’s not dead and neither is our Constitution. But there are those who wish them to be. In fact, there are well-organized radicals right here in Indiana working tirelessly as we speak to destroy our foundations of faith and freedom.

It’s the same emotional trope that has led countless nations into the abyss of socialism and communism. I, for one, will not stand by and watch our beloved country meet that same fate.

This unprecedented assault on our way of life commands us to respond by supporting freedom-loving Americans who are willing to fight these would-be tyrants…

We cannot back down when it comes to vaccine mandates. We must not give an inch to the movement that censors conservatives, replaces quality education with political rhetoric, vilifies our Founders, and compromises the integrity of our elections.

That is the very reason I ran for office in the first place – to DEFEND against government overreach, in all forms.

If you agree, will you join me in this noble fight by chipping in $25, $50, $100 or more today? Your contribution will help us push back on the extremist agenda to transform America into something unrecognizable.

For the sake of our children, the silent majority cannot afford to be silent any longer.

With your support, Indiana can lead the way in saving our Republic and putting the failed ideology of collectivism where it belongs: in the ash heap of history.

For Liberty,

Curt Nisly

State Representative District 22



The radicals hope you will remain silent. We have to be as relentless as they are if we plan to win the fight for liberty.

You can send them a message that this battle is far from over by making a donation today.