The medical professionals who care about us and who depend on real science are being prevented from practicing medicine freely. When treating Covid19, time can be of the essence for some.

We cannot allow political red tape to steal the lives of those we care about.

That is why I filed House Bill 1372, which will allow physicians to create a standing order so that Indiana pharmacists can dispense ivermectin at their discretion, without requiring a prescription from the customer.

The health of you and your family should never be dictated by tyrannical politicians or corrupt physicians that have lined their pockets with dirty money. Unfortunately, our healthcare system has been taken hostage by many who took an oath to protect it.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has started, we have witnessed a “mob mentality” take control of our country. Our lives have been dictated by elitists who believe they are the puppeteers of our society and attempt to control the narrative by fear-mongering the masses.

By the grace of God, we have been given discernment to see through this veil of deceit, and as patriots, it is our duty to put an end to it.

The Biden Administration and their henchmen refuse to acknowledge alternative treatments for Covid-19; one of which is the Noble-Prize award-winning medicine, Ivermectin.

Ivermectin has been proven to effectively treat and cure patients suffering from COVID-19.

Despite this, the left continues to silence and demoralize the physicians, politicians and scientists who speak in favor of the treatment.

Dr. Robert Malone is one of the most recent examples of this unjustifiable bias. Despite Dr. Malone being a world-renowned virologist and immunologist, who pioneered the mRNA technology, he was recently banned from Twitter for speaking in favor of Ivermectin.

Dr. Malone joins a long list of physicians who have been silenced by social media companies due to their outspoken opinions against the fear-mongering elitist narrative.

Our livelihoods are being determined by a “physician” (Fauci) who has continuously lied to Congress and aided in the deaths of THOUSANDS of Americans, all while lining his pockets with Chinese investments.

We must work together to pass Indiana House Bill 1372, so that our physicians can create a standing order allowing Indiana pharmacists to dispense ivermectin without requiring a prescription from the customer.

That’s why I am asking you to support me in fighting for the lives of our family and friends and defending the honor of those who lost their lives too soon.

Your donation of $1000, $750, or $500 can help fill Hoosier pharmacies with Ivermectin, making it accessible to everyone with a medical need.

I refuse to be silenced by the leftist media that has been so quick to silence other elected officials with an opposing viewpoint. Let’s make the patriotic voice of Indiana louder than the foolish media that underestimates us!


Curt Nisly

State Representative

IN House District 22



Ivermectin has been proven to aid in the recovery of those enduring COVID-19.

Will you please help me save lives?

Your donation of $500, $250, or $100 can help us regain control of our healthcare system.

Let’s remind Dr. Fauci that he is nothing more than a glorified puppet for the left, and Hoosiers aren’t falling for it.