What we are REALLY up against is a narrative.

The left is working overtime to dominate politics, the media, our educational systems, and more. Why is control over those so important? Because their ultimate goal is to indoctrinate future generations with socialist ideals and destroy America’s very foundation.

Together we can make Indiana the calm in the storm that has been surrounding us.

The Biden Administration has caused the middle class to suffer by devouring our economy piece by piece and increasing inflation at an unprecedented rate. Furthermore, the left is using this as an opportunity to push for “economic equality” in America.

What we need in Indiana are lower taxes across the board to counter these destructive financial measures. We also need to protect the success of our small business owners by eliminating red tape regulations, and defend our workforce by defending bodily autonomy.

Ludicrous politicians from the left are continuously pushing for Democratic Socialism in America. Using examples of countries like Sweden and Denmark, they present socialism on a silver platter. They make claims of free college education, shorter work weeks and universal healthcare.

Unlike you and I, they believe the government should be involved in every aspect of your life.

Countries that have adopted such socialist ideology have become desolate. At one time, Venezuela was economically thriving, and the country had a bright future. Unfortunately, socialist policies began to infiltrate the politics of Venezuela in 2001.

Today, the people of Venezuela are unarmed, imprisoned, and starved due to socialism.

The policies being pushed by liberal politicians in America today mirror the treacherous laws that ultimately led to Venezuela’s collapse. The left wants to erase our history by vandalizing statues, threatening their opposition, taxing the wealthy, and enacting anti-gun laws for our “protection”.

Socialism is nothing but a poison served on a silver platter.

There are countless testimonies from people who were lucky enough to escape their socialist country, obtain residency in America, and advocate against this communist propaganda that is infiltrating America.

As patriots, I believe it is our duty to alert the generations after us to the dangers of government overreach. History has proven that if we do not put a stop to this immediately, it will present great peril to our livelihoods.

Continuing to allow such dangerous ideology into government, schools and healthcare systems will lead to an unavoidable collapse of the United States of America. We cannot concede to this kind of tyranny in our country, and as your Representative, I am doing everything in my power to prevent it from seeping into Indiana.

Will you help me protect our children and grandchildren from socialism?

You can help me protect Indiana and defy the Left’s plans for socialism by contributing $250, $100 or even $50 today! With your support, I can continue the fight for our freedom.

Let’s make sure the greatest country ever is not lost on our watch.



Curt Nisly

State Representative

IN House District 22



Let’s stop the left in their tracks and keep socialism out of Indiana!

A donation of $100, $50 or $25 will help secure our freedoms. Every contribution counts!

“A socialist is someone who has read Lenin and Marx. An anti-socialist is someone who understands Lenin and Marx.”

– Ronald Reagan