I hope that all of you are in the company of your loved ones, as I am. This year, I’m aiming to find common ground with others amidst the chaos that has ensued over our land.

Although we have endured many unfavorable trials over the past several months, we must remember that our freedoms are like priceless stones. They are world-renowned, envied by others, and fragile.

This fragility must not be taken for granted.

We cannot allow government overreach to continue to seep into our communities, our schools, and our livelihoods. The United States of America has always been a coalition against oppression, and it must remain that way.

Our freedoms are our single greatest weapon against those who wish to destroy America.

As we slow down during this holiday season, let’s reflect and remember that we are only capable of this defense together, as one nation under God.




Curt Nisly

State Representative

IN House District 22



I’m truly thankful to be celebrating Christmas in the land of the free and the home of the brave with all of you.

I refuse to back down from those who promote tyranny

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