Recently, I highlighted several of what some may consider important bills moving through the legislature, including those on protecting life at conception and establishing hate crimes. While these are the issues that garner the most attention, I also authored bills on four issues that I would like you to know about.

House Bill 1390: All-terrain vehicle safety.

Imagine a family outing where a 2-year-old is strapped into a car seat in an ATV, side-by-side with a roll cage. The current Indiana law requires this 2-year-old to wear a helmet. How is that going to work? Not well. If this became law, my bill would add some common sense to this family outing, and the 2-year-old would not be required to wear a helmet.

House Bill 1469: “Don’t Tread on Me” license plate.

There are 11 states currently using this plate, which commemorates the founding of our nation. My bill makes this iconic, coiled snake image one of the three, free plates available to Hoosiers.

House Bill 1512: Local public questions.

Under current Indiana law, it is possible for voters outside a school district to vote to raise the property taxes on individuals within that school district. If enacted, this bill would require that votes that would impact a specific municipality to be taken during general elections or an election only within the specific municipality impacted. This brings more fairness to the votes on public questions.

House Bill 1550: Passenger boat inspection requirements.

Indiana law requires a periodic underwater inspection for boats carrying passengers for hire. In House District 22, this negatively impacts the S.S. Lillypad II. The current law also requires an expensive dry-dock inspection for this two-story, 70-foot boat. My bill gives the owner the option of either a dry-dock or underwater inspection. Either method works well for regulatory needs.

A guiding principle I use in writing and evaluating legislation: Does it reduce the size of government and/or provide more freedom? That is how I strive to serve our community.