It is my privilege to serve the people of Indiana House District 22, once again. I am proud of our district and what we contribute to the State of Indiana.

Now into my seventh year of serving our community, I am still committed to being the voice of District 22 in Indianapolis, not the other way around. When I walk up the steps of the Statehouse, I always make it a point to think of the people from our community who sent me there. When I vote, I am voting for the people of our district. My voting has not always been well-received in Indianapolis, but I consistently find support here at home. That is what counts.

When I talk to voters, the number one issue has always been ending the practice of abortion. Having now filed “Protection at Conception” now named “Protection of Life” for the fifth straight year, I would like to give you my perspective as we begin this legislative session.

“Protection at Life,” House Bill 1539, has started a discussion in Indiana. The Indiana Code already declares that life begins at conception. My bill simply brings consistency to the Indiana Code. The code says one thing—life begins at conception—and then implements other laws to accommodate aborting that life. My bill has forced a discussion. That discussion is expanding.

A number of other states are active with versions of this type of legislation. Which is exciting!

As I have talked with constituents over the last few years, I am encouraged by how many people have told me they support my effort to end abortion. When abortion ends in Indiana, it may not be HB 1539 that does it; however, our district is leading the State of Indiana in a very healthy discussion about human life and how to protect it. Thank you for allowing me to represent you in that discussion.