A former green beret has been denied the right to run for office in Indiana based solely upon his voting record.

Charles Bookwalter, a veteran of the U.S. Army Special Forces, was dismissed as a potential candidate in Indiana’s District 4 Representative race on the grounds of baseless legislation that was passed last year.

A law was passed allowing election officials to include a requirement that “any candidate must have voted in the last TWO primary elections” to be eligible to run for office.

Rather than creating a more free and fair election system, officials chose to protect the political establishment.

Bookwalter, a liberty-loving threat to the RINO’s establishment, voted in the 2016 primary election, but failed to vote in 2020. Despite this, he was eligible to run for office in BOTH 2018 and 2020.

Regardless of his prior eligibility, election officials insisted that the law had since changed, and Bookwalter was forced to ask permission from the county chair of the Republican party, who ultimately denied his candidacy.

Furthermore, the Indiana Constitution states that you must be an Indiana resident for two years, but the new legislation is placing a wait of FOUR YEARS on potential political candidates.

These decisions REEK of RINOs.

This year, I filed an amendment to change this ludicrous law so that potential candidates are only required to show proof that their most recent primary election vote aligns with their party affiliation.

Unfortunately, my amendment failed, with out of one-hundred representatives, only 3 republicans and 12 democrats in favor.

The political theater unfolding in front of us STINKS of desperation.

In addition to making “bipartisan” backdoor deals, the political establishment is going to great lengths to protect one another. RINOs and liberals are working together to benefit themselves and the agendas of the elite.

But the silent majority is no longer silent.

As they continue to hammer nails of tyranny into our livelihoods, liberty-loving citizens around the country are ripping them out of office one-by-one.

The movement of patriotism in Indiana is stronger than ever before, and the establishment is shaking in their shoes.

They are pulling out all the stops to deter our fight for freedom.

Now is the time to ‘chip-in’ 25, $50, or $100 so we can show the swamp just how much more we intend to drain!


Curt Nisly

State Representative

IN House District 22



They can attempt to limit our voices, but we will not be silenced.

Let’s remind the establishment who is REALLY in charge.

Join us today by making a $25 contribution toward Indiana’s liberty movement.

Patriots are back in politics, and we aren’t slowing down!