House Bill 1001 was recently filed, confirming the possibility of a special session before January.

The good news?

The pressure we have placed on the Legislature is working because medical freedom is now a hot topic, and we are even seeing some attempts at friendly language in the bill.

But the bad news is, there are also several not-so-good pieces of this bill that need to be amended.

Their selling point remains the same: “passing this legislation will end the State of Emergency”.

But in reality, they are transferring the State of Emergency to an unelected bureaucrat in exchange for federal funding!! They are also trying to hand over the power to mandate vaccinations to our state health department.

This is a critical time like no other.

Due to looming deadlines, many Indiana families are preparing to lose their jobs while protecting their right to bodily autonomy.

We need to clean up this bill and make it something that actually resembles medical freedom.

Now that we have shined a light on what the Governor is trying to slip through, the pressure is on and we can better negotiate HB1001 if a special session is held.

Because so many of you are choosing to boldly speak out against this government overreach, we are seeing a shift in the narrative. Now is NOT the time to back down!!

Your donations are fanning the flame of liberty and strengthening our fight for freedom. Please consider a contribution of $500, $100 or $50 today so that we can spread the truth far and wide across Indiana!

We cannot allow the establishment to continue trading our freedom for federal dollars.

That is un-American.

Don’t forget to continue sharing the petition.

It’s important we show a steady increase in support while pressing forward.

For Liberty,

Curt Nisly

State Representative, District 22



Thank you again for standing with me.

When I took my oath of office, I did so with a desire to truly make a difference and be a voice for the people.

Having your support is encouraging and makes it easier to wake up and fight the good fight every day. I sincerely appreciate every dollar donated and every update shared.

If you haven’t already, it’s not too late to give.

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Whether its $1000 or $10, every dollar makes a difference!

Let’s not grow weary in doing good.